Eugene Monroe to Miss "Voluntary" OTAs?



Anyone that follows the Ravens probably knows that offensive tackle Eugene Monroe is an advocate for the use of medical marijuana in the NFL. Monroe has an event taking place in Las Vegas, NV tomorrow (5/25) "Breaking Barriers to Medical Marijuana Research", and is speaking on behalf of football players. He's been promoting medical marijuana use in the NFL on social media for a while. 


This is all well and good, but isn't there something else starting today as well?


Ravens "voluntary" OTAs start today and Monroe will not be reporting to them. If you look at the comments made towards the tweet it's pretty obvious Ravens fans aren't happy he won't be attending. It's an interesting situation especially after Monroe had a down year in 2016, full of injuries and inconsistent play.  


Which brings up the questions should Monroe report?


My personal opinion, he doesn't need to report. Monroe, 29, is heading into his ninth season in the NFL and probably doesn't need to be at OTAs the entire time. Plus, he usually keeps himself in great shape too during the offseason and I'd expect nothing less from him this season. He is promoting something that could really help NFL players in the future and has already made it clear he is very devote to the cause. Not to mention he's nursing an injury (surprised?) so probably couldn't do to much at camp right now anyways.  Mandatory mini-camp doesn't start until June 14th, and I'd expect Monroe to be there ready to roll. 


Now I understand the other side of the argument. The Ravens just used the sixth overall pick on tackle Ronnie Stanley and Monroe has been good since the team traded for him in 2013. I get that he should be at camp and fighting for his job each day and not out promoting smoking weed. At the same time it's May and training camp is months away. Let's give Monroe a chance. The guy will be ready to compete for the left tackle job come camp and will probably make it a very intense competition between him and Stanley.