Video: Big Bird Perform Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player”


When I saw this video  three thoughts immediately came to my brain (my brain can handle three thoughts at once only when I'm watching weird internet videos. All other times I'm luckily to have one solid one)

  1. People have way too much time on their hands. I mean this had to take hours to put together. "He Ben want to go to the club tonight?" "Can't almost finished with my Big Bird/Big Pun mash-up"
  2. Who watches Big Bird talk about cooperation and goes "hey it looks like he's rapping Big Puns "I'm Not a Player" . I mean it's a fire song but it came out 18 years ago... the only time I ever hear this song is when I randomly play one of my old rap mix CDs in my 2005 Corolla (I know ... I'm balling) 
  3. The internet is full of creative geniuses.  The guy who created this has a site full of these videos: