Throwback Thursday on Saturday: The Violent Femmes at Flying Dog Brewing

The Violent Femmes: Gordon Gano,Brian Ritchie and Victor Delorenzo

The Violent Femmes: Gordon Gano,Brian Ritchie and Victor Delorenzo

#Throwback Thursday is a popular social media hashtag,but when it happens on a Saturday night what is it called? A great time! This is exactly what happened at Frederick's Flying Dog Brewery this past Saturday night. As part of the brewery's Summer Sessions concert series,The Violent Femmes performed to several hundred faithful. 

The Violent Femmes (Gordon Gano,Brian Ritchie and Victor Delorenzo) are back on the road to support their latest release (and first in 15 years) entitled "We Can Do Anything". The show drew heavily from their 1983 self titled release "Violent Femmes". This album is one that is (or should be) in everyone's collection as it is one of the 1980's most enduring albums.

Blasting off with "Blister in the Sun" the Femmes were in great form. Being from Milwaukee,a brewery seemed the perfect setting and bassist Ritchie joked about the brewery equipment in the dressing room. Songs from several releases were sprinkled in the set and the band showed their musical chops by playing a variety of instruments with Gano on violin,Ritchie on xylophone and Delorenzo on Weber grill! 

For me the highlights included "Gimme the Car" (1983),"Waiting for the Bus" (1984)  and the new songs "Issues" and "Memories" among others. Of course,the Femmes classic "Add it Up" was a rousing encore with the crowd singing along loudly!

as the band sings in 1991's American Music (another highlight) 

Do you like American music? We like American music

I like American Music baby....

Do you like American Music? We like all kinds of music  

But I like American Music best baby.... 

On a throwback Saturday night in Maryland,it sure was the Truth! 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the beer (kinda what I do) if you ever get a chance to drink the Flying Dog "Goseface Killah" DO NOT PASS THE OPPORTUNITY UP! It is a great summer dry hopped sour and perfect for a rocking Saturday evening.